WTS Discount Injectors 870m

Bulk orders preffered, reply here or send me an EVE mail and I’ll fill your order within a day

Send me 20 please.

contract up

Contract accepted. You can set another contract for 20 units after DT anytime.

New contract up

You owe me a small reimbursement as I paid more than advertised. Your contract was at 880m :wink:

I would buy another 20 if you correct also the previous “surcharge”. :wink:


I will take another 20. Thank you.

I stil have some but the price is now 880 since the market has moved up so much. Still be far the cheapest out there.

@860 I can buy 60.

ContRact me if accepted.

You do see I can just sell to the market for that price right?

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Well, that’s all I can offer :slight_smile:

no problem

Bump another 500 available

Contract 30 to me at 870m. Ty.

Hey… I have the isk now to buy 60 @870 if your offer it’s still up.

ContRact me if accepted.

Thank you.

Contract 60 to me

Please contract 140 to me


still waiting for a contract.