WTS Dreadnought Desire Bundle - Heartsurge SKINS

As the title states

I’ll offer 5.5B for the bundle

I’m fine with the offer but I just realized something


The Moros Navy Issue Heartsurge Skin is missing and it’s not in the station hangar or applied to my character, so please wait. I’m going to make a support ticket.

Its ok, I got them from the NES store.
Good luck with the sale though!

Unlucky me. Oh well, still for sale although the support ticket is still ongoing.
Edit: Got the skin.

Updated the post

did you find the missing moros one, or is this thread just for 3 of them?

I have the Moros Navy Issue Skin alright.
Look above my previoust post. It says I got the skin.

Moros Navy Issue Heartsurge Skin - 1 B
Naglfar Navy Issue Heartsurge Skin - 1.1 B
Phoenix Navy Issue Heartsurge Skin - 2.5 B - Sold
Revelation Navy Issue Heartsurge Skin - 2.8 B
Updated : 3rd March

Still for sale. Bump

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