WTS: Moracha, Officer Mods, Skins

Want to Sell a ton of stuff. Do not send EVE Mail, I will not respond, make all offers here.

Caldari Highsec NPC Station close to Jita:

Oijanen Public Keepstar:
SOLD- 37B, Nyx, Hyper Rigs, Fit: https://janice.e-351.com/a/EiXj3J
SOLD - 35B - Hel, Hyper Rigs, Fit: https://janice.e-351.com/a/JLSboU
SOLD - 42B - Nyx, Armor Rigs, Fit: Appraisal smE8nS @ Jita 4-4 split: 15,252,030,337.20 ISK | Janice


Price check on panther bloody hands skin?

Panther Bloody Hands Skin sold to @Ankar_Kado for 850M.

I’ll take the monocle :slight_smile:

You can contract it to this character.

Thank you for the quick offer @Sarah_Foley, but I think I’m going to keep it for now. I hope you’re able to find one soon!

Oijanen Armor Nyx has sold in the meantime.

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If you can move the nyx to Oijanen I’ll take it

Ok, who would you like the contract to? @Scheve_Teef

To me please

Price for Panther Eros skin please.

@Minnie_x_Mouse 2B

Still waiting for the contract

Move the NYX to a public KS and I’ll buy it, otherwise I’m not sure how you expect to sell it in space. 3rd party services aren’t a thing anymore right? At least not from anyone I’d trust.

@Scheve_Teef @Istoh_Kanjus I was away, Nyx has now been moved to Oijanen public keepstar. Given the interest, are either of you willing to bid higher than the original price of 35B?

I can give you 35,5

Going on Holiday so will retract bid in 12 hours

@Scheve_Teef Apologies, with the recent movements in the super market, it is in my best interest to raise the price to 37B. Fully understand retraction of bid.

Everything still for sale.

Everything still for sale.

Nyx sold. Moracha and other items still for sale. Accepting offers on Moracha.

how much is the drake skin Maybe the orcall as well