Auran's Plex & Officer Mod Empourium - AT ships inside!

Thread revamped to contain only my most expensive, least necessary sales offers! Open to counteroffers, especially if prices fluctuate (I cba to keep up-to-date pricing on all my stuff all the time). Evemail Auran Glimmer for info/whatever.

Featured Officer Mods

Brynn Tracking Comps: 2.6B (3 available)
Tuvan tracking comps: 3.6B available)
Setele tracking comps: 4.9B (2 available)
Cormack Tracking Comp: 12B

Drac/Chelm heatsink: 9.25B (3 available atm)
Estamel/Tobias BCUs: 23B (3 available)
Unit P’s DDA: 7.5B
Tobi gyros: 24B

Unit P’s Damage Control Unit: 21B

8x Hakim’s Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher: 1.9B each

Full unsorted list of all available highend purps:


Nyx Umbral Skin: 19b. Nothing says balling out of control like a skin that costs nearly as much as your ship.

Cordite & Blaze Squadron skin sets: 15% off jita sell price for a full set

500 OTHER SKINS: - will do solid deals vs. jita sell on anything. Hit me up with what you’re interested in, and offers if you have them!

Chemosh - SOLD

Chameleon - 350b

Explosive Deflection Amplifier II BPO - SOLD

Zealot BPO - 200b

‘prometheus’ fortizar - 23.5b

Thread up

Thread up. Added ship skins.

Thread up. added prom fort, caiman

Thread bump. Items still available (some purps going onto hypernet this week)

Thread bump. New hypers up:
— all hypers gone

Bump. This is now also your best place to buy misc cap part BPOs!

Bump. Chemosh going in at 48. Expamp2 BPO in, taking offers.

Thread up. Vanquisher gets its own thread, but I’m gonna advertise it here too!

Caiman will go up on hypernet on Friday.

Thread up. Hel hyper also up - should be done in 24h

<url=hyperNet:325d8dc3-d51a-4dca-a2fc-1c8478e42260>HyperNet offer: Hel

Thread back up. Evepraisal added to list most of my worthwhile purps so you can browse them all at once and get super envious -

Thread up. Buy officer mods today!

Bump. One of the best officer collections in Eve, all on sale! Browse today!

Bump. I got more purps and less time - hit me up with offers on anything that interests you!

Updated the purps list with sales & one or two acquisitions

Thread up! Prices down!

Still on sale.

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Thread up. Buy dumb stuff and welp it - it’s what Eve is really all about!

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