WTS Drac EANM, SB, PDS; Nyx Umbral Skin; Fort+tatara BPOs, officer tracking comps, other topend officer mods

Glad there’s no limit on thread title lengths.

Drac EANM: 55b b/o, taking offers

Nyx Umbral Skin: Taking offers. This is the most niche skin in the game except maybe the scorpion ishukone watch, so I’m expecting to hold for a while and am happy to consider offers on it.

Tobi scram: 19B.

Draclira (or equivalent) Power Diagnostic System: 11.5b (3 available, can do 33 for 3)

W’s DDA: 23b

Setele Tracking Comps: 6.5b each (2 available)
Tuvan Tracking Comps: 5.5b each (2 available)
Brynn Tracking Comps: 3.5b each (2 available)

Fortizar BPO: me5, te0, 60bil
Tatara BPO: ME3, TE6, 28B

Raysere/Selynne EMP bomb: 5b each, 4 available

Various officer guns, neuts & propmods also available, inquire via evemail. (This includes full sets of lasers, torps/cruises, autocannons and blasters; good options for every blops!)

Mail sent

Replies sent. Thread bump

Replies sent. Thread bump.

Thread up. I’ve been afk for a bit so prices might be out of date, feel free to mail me about anything where there’s obviously something cheaper on sale somewhere else.

Thread back up. W DDA added.

Thread bump. Still on sale/taking offers

mail sent

Thread back up.

would like to buy 2 power top tier power diag, but i find the price a bit over the usual. care to discuss ?

Sure: the prices for these are over “the usual” everywhere due to inflation and a relative scarcity of officer hunters (compared to ratters) + the addition of faction supers and gentrification in null alliances increasing demand for absolute-top-notch mods, because when you have >5tril isk there really isn’t much else to spend it on besides blinging your komodo to the max.

This isn’t going away; prices for these used to be 5b, then they were 8b, then 10b, now they’re closer to 12. Same deal with the topend armor tank mods; in 2015 I bought a drac EANM for 11b, now it’s worth 50+.

So while I’ve got some wiggle room on these, I’m not going back to 2017 prices on anything, since I’ve already sold a lot of power diags for 11+. You might find someone who’ll cut you a deal, though; you aren’t obliged to pay full price from my shop.

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