Nyx Umbral SKIN, Estamel Invuln, Drac EANM + SBs, tobi scram, Officer TCs, fort BPO, more

Horizon Fort SOLD

Nyx Umbral Skin: Taking offers. This is the most niche skin in the game except maybe the scorpion ishukone watch, so I’m expecting to hold for a while and am happy to consider offers on it.

Draclira EANM: 55b b/o

Draclira’s Large EMP Smartbombs: 3x available, 18/ea, bulk discounts available

Tobi scram: 19B.

W’s DDA: 23b

Draclira (or equivalent) Power Diagnostic System: 11.5b (3 available, can do 33 for 3)

Setele Tracking Comps: 6.5b each (2 available)
Tuvan Tracking Comps: 5.5b each (2 available)
Brynn Tracking Comps: 3.5 each (2 available)

Various officer guns & propmods also available, inquire via evemail.

Fortizar BPO: me5, te0, 60bil
Tatara BPO: ME3, TE6, 28B

All items in jita 4-4. Post here or evemail me.

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Bump. Some stuff added.

Still on sale.

Back up. Drac EANM added. If you want rare officer stuff hit me up, I have more gear that’s not on this list yet.

Back up. Also have a chemosh in syndicate; will add that & more to the list later today.

Bump, all still available

Bump, drac SBs added, more stuff coming

50 B on the Estamel’s invul, in case the other bid falls through

There’s jita buy orders for 57, try and put a bit more effort into your lowballs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got wiggle room on some items but I’m not going really low on any of this. Either you have money or you aren’t shopping here. CCP’s just reintroduced local to nullsec, which means inflation will be back up and this stuff will start rising again. A lot officer mods have doubled in price over the last two years. I’ll consider any reasonable offer, but I’m not in a hurry either.

… 57.1

I’m really not interested in taking less than 80 for the invuln, 75 is as low as I’d consider and I’ve already got that, sorry.

Thread back up.

Thread up

Consider my (from my alt, court room) 75b offer for the invuln to be withdrawn. I can’t wait any longer for you to accept it.

Np. The current top bid on the estamel invuln is now 72.5. With blackout over & iskflation cranking back up I’m in no hurry to let go of the officer mods.

Remaining items still on sale.

76bill for estamels adaptive

Thanks for the offer, imma try and hold out for at least 80.

Thread up, officer tracking comps added. I also have a load of officer guns sitting around, mail me if you’re trying to kit out your blackops.

Thread up, more items added

Still on sale. Only drac PDSs in the market right now!

Estamel invuln sold. For some reason I can’t edit the OP anymore, but everything else is still available.