WTS Nyx Umbral SKIN

Located in Jita 4-4 CNAP. It can be remote-activated from anywhere, so I don’t recommend flying it.

Start bid 30b. Reserve hidden.

B/O - 40B

ill take it, meet me at the perimeter gate. I’ll be in a maller waiting.

Good offer but I’m not sure about that maller bit, will have to pass for now.

Thread bump.

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Bump. Are you badass enough to fly a skin more expensive than your ship? Of course not, you’re rocking officer gear on that baby. It deserves a paintjob worthy of the fit.

Bump. What better way to show up your friend who won’t stop bragging about his Headhunter skin?

To the top. Best and rarest skin in Eve; place your bids now!

Back up top (same place this skin has in your collection)

Back up, buyout set at 40b.

I’m gonna continue bumping this when I can remember to, but the SKIN is on market now so I might not bother as much.

Feel free to evemail/post offers.

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