WTS 36.2M Focused Nyx Pilot

(Nebbye) #1

Selling this toon.


Eveboard still shows her with perfect shield resist skills, those have been pulled out so they are down to a minimum. Thus 36.2M SP, rather than the 40,something eveboard shows.

Sec status positive
wallet positive
No killrights
No jump clones
Is in Jita 4-4 with implants


Steel Cardinal
Raata Sunset

Gala Event Skin

I will pay transfer via. PLEX and petition CCP to start it.

30b start bid
B/O 37b

Will let it run for 4-5 days from now. (Unless I get a really good offer, I suppose)

*character bought* focused gallente carrier / nyx pilot
(Nebbye) #2

To the top

(Ragnar Aldrik) #3

30 bil

(Hammersmashed face) #4


(Ghennings) #5

33 bil

(Nebbye) #6

Thanks for the bids, everyone.

The thread will continue till the 2nd of January 11:00 EVE Time(Downtime) unless B/O has been met.
Good luck and happy new year!

(Sell it) #7

Hey Nebby,

Tyriell here from Erstschlag Channel :wink: I will think about it and contact you maybe :wink:

Greetz !

(Nebbye) #8

Last up before the is sold to the highest bid.

30 minutes left on the auction! Will go till downtime!

(Nebbye) #9

You won.
Send isk to, and mail your account name, to Nebbye.

(Ghennings) #10

Isk and account info mailed.

(Nebbye) #11

Ticket made.
Just waiting for CCP to transfer it.
Thanks for a smooth transaction.

(system) #12

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