WTS 36.2M Focused Nyx Pilot

Selling this toon.


Eveboard still shows her with perfect shield resist skills, those have been pulled out so they are down to a minimum. Thus 36.2M SP, rather than the 40,something eveboard shows.

Sec status positive
wallet positive
No killrights
No jump clones
Is in Jita 4-4 with implants


Steel Cardinal
Raata Sunset

Gala Event Skin

I will pay transfer via. PLEX and petition CCP to start it.

30b start bid
B/O 37b

Will let it run for 4-5 days from now. (Unless I get a really good offer, I suppose)

To the top

30 bil


33 bil

Thanks for the bids, everyone.

The thread will continue till the 2nd of January 11:00 EVE Time(Downtime) unless B/O has been met.
Good luck and happy new year!

Hey Nebby,

Tyriell here from Erstschlag Channel :wink: I will think about it and contact you maybe :wink:

Greetz !

Last up before the is sold to the highest bid.

30 minutes left on the auction! Will go till downtime!

You won.
Send isk to, and mail your account name, to Nebbye.

Isk and account info mailed.

Ticket made.
Just waiting for CCP to transfer it.
Thanks for a smooth transaction.

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