WTA Focused Nyx/Vendetta Pilot 60 Mil SP 24 hours left

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/The_Scarlet_Fox (No PW)
Also has +5 clone and +4 clone.
Has Nyx Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest Skin.
No kill rights.
Located in Low sec, can move to high sec.
Starting bid 55B
Will keep posted for 2 weeks or for a tempting buyout.


Still available.

51b bid

Still on the market!


You can stop with the bidding under the minimum. If it doesn’t go for that I will be stripping the character down for injectors. Not selling for under it. Just fyi.

Still available.

Still here.

Finally a serious bidder. 55B current bid, auction ends in 7 days.

55B I need a deal as soon as possible.

Will close the auction in 24 hours. So at this time tomorrow.

OK Waiting!

Why didn’t you reply?

I’ve received your email, but why give me another link

Sorry, I was stuck at work late. What email? Will accept the 55B buyout and begin transfer once isk has been received.

I’m sorry someone else misled me

Please check the payment already made

Isk received. Please evemail me the account name to transfer to and I’ll get the transfer going.

has been sent