WTS focused Nyx pilot BUYOUT LOWERED

All Nyx relevant skills on 5

Pw 1234

Full slave clone in LS

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive sec status
In NPC corp

Nyx Headhunter SKIN

Starting bid 40B
B/O 52B

Confirming sale

45B Is it okay to buy out?

45B can transfer money immediately

Thanks for the offer I will wait a bit more


Daily bumperino


50 and you have yourself a deal

OKay 50 B It is acceptable to transfer ISK immediately.

Transferred ISK
Did you see it?

Are you still there?

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Yes , sorry it’s EUTZ weekday and I am working.Will start transfer in 2 hours once I’m home.Thanks for your patience

It doesn’t matter. Work is important.:slightly_smiling_face:

Isk and account info received.Transfer will be done with plex, ticket was submitted.

Pleasure doing business with you,and thanks again for the patience.

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