WTS Hel, Officer Modules, Capital BPO's, Rare Skins, Capitals, ETC (NEW YEARS SALE!)

Super Carriers:

Hel Irmalin NPC - 25b

Fit Moros in Otsasai - Evepraisal - Appraisal 12m8yl: 3.84 Billion Buy / 4.96 Billion Sell - 4.4b 4b
Ninazu in Daras (Hull Only) - 2.7b 2.4b

Rorqual 10/16 - 8b 7b
Thanatos 10/16 - 3.8b 3b
Moros 10/16 - 5b 4b
Phoenix 10/16 - 5.5b 4.5b
Phoenix 10/16 - 5.5b 4.5b
Lif 10/16 - 3.5b 2.75b
Ninazu 10/16 - 3.5b 2.75b

Officer Modules:
3X Unit F DCU - 8.5b Each 8b Each
2X Unit F Drone Navigation Computer - 1.4b Each 1.1b Each
2X Chelms Neut - 5.25b Each 4.75b Each
4X Chelms Nos - 1.7b Each 1.4b Each
4X Cormacks Sensor Booster - 5.5b Each 5b Each
1X Mizuro Web - 6.5b 6b

Ship Skins:
2X Barghest ICG Skins - 1.5b Each 1.25b Each
2X Orthrus ICG Skins - 1.35b Each 1.15b Each
2X Garmur ICG Skins - 1.25b Each 1.05b Each
1X Nyx Intaki Syndicate Skin - 1.5b 1.25b
2X Leviathan Kimotoro Skins - 1.1b Each 1b Each
1X Hel Valklear Glory Skin - 2.75b 2.35b

Misc Items in Jita 4-4 (for sale at Jita slpit prices)
Evepraisal - Appraisal 12m95d: 9.11 Billion Buy / 10.75 Billion Sell

30.5k PLEX
Nyx in Daras (Hull Only) - 28b
Legacy Rigged Chimera in Anin - Evepraisal - Appraisal 12m8yy: 2.54 Billion Buy / 2.83 Billion Sell - 2.4b
Vendetta in Amamake keepstar (Hyperspatial Rigs) - 170b

Id offer 86b for the PLEX

If you would do 88b for the 30.5k units I would take it



Contract is up thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Alocose. Can you do 23B for the nyx?


Sorry the cheapest one in Low sec is 28b ISK. 23b is too low.

New Years Sale now active!

Edit: Vendetta SOLD

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