Huge officer mod collection + AT ships

Chameleon: 280b obo

Virtuoso: SOLD!

Cormack DCU: I’ll do best-in-game pricing on this if someone isn’t selling one super cheap. Mail me.

Tobi web: 40b

Officer mods: Evepraisal - Appraisal 122ow9: 452.27 Billion Buy / 470.97 Billion Sell (updated 10/30) this is most of what I’ve got, updated this week. List updates/full list available on request. Mail me for prices/with offers for mods.

thread up

thread up. Still available

Sold the top-tier mega pulses, most of the rest still here

thread back up

Thread up, buy my virt

back to the top. Get in.

Thread up, thon cloak on hypers for kicks.

how much for the pulse lasers

Those have been gone for awhile now iirc

The top ones are sold. Brokara ones are still available I think. Will update the list later today.

Mail sent.

thread up, mostly still available

interested in the vizan’s and chelm smartbombs if you’ve still got them.

I do! Mails replied to. Main list updated.

Out of setele magstabs. Thread back up, mails reeplied to

Thread back up. Don’t forget to put in an offer on the virtuoso!

Asking price for 2x Selynne’s Modified Multispectrum Energized Membrane?

Thread up, mails replied to

Still available