WTS Top Tier Officer Modules (Best Abyssal Officer Scram in Game 16.06KM Range!)

  • 4X Chelm’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu - 1.25b Each

  • 2X Chelm’s Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 3.35b Each

  • 1X Chelm’s Modified Multispectrum Coating - 4.5b

  • 1X Tairei’s Modified Multispectrum Energized Membrane - 1.4b

  • 1X Gotan’s Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor - 6.5b

  • Officer (Unit F Base) DCU - 15b
    Officer DCU

  • Gotan Base Abyssal Warp Scram - 35b
    Gotan Scram

  • Wyvern Kimotoro Eskeitan Skin - 1.75b

  • Leviathan Kimotoro Eskeitan Skin - 1.75b

The best way to get ahold of me is Discord (Alocose#5464), next best way is in game mail.

Daily bump, 17 tickets left on the Vanquisher. Still accepting offers on the vehement and Virtuoso

Warrior II BPO +50 bil for Virtuoso

Hello, sorry for the delayed response. I am not really interested in T2 BPO’s for trade. I dont deal in them very much so not really sure exactly what they are worth. I would consider things like supers, titans, factions caps / supers / titans etc. in trade though.

Daily Bump, new items added & Vehement sold

Daily Bump

Daily bump:

Virtuoso SOLD

Komodo BPC added

Daily bump, price added to the Komodo BPC

Daily bump

Daily bump:


Vanquisher hull added for sale

Daily Bump

Daily bump Vanquisher price and location added

Daily bump :slight_smile: feel free to make offers

Daily bump, Everything is still available

Daily Bump - Vanquisher price adjusted to 315b ISK

Daily Bump:

Both Nyx SOLD
Sotiyo SOLD
1X Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer SOLD

Edit: Vanquisher SOLD

Daily Bump


1X Chelm’s Modified Heat Sink SOLD
1X Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer SOLD

Daily Bump:

1X Chelm’s Modified Heat Sink - SOLD

Daily Bump:

1X Chelm Heat sink - SOLD
*3X Brokara’s Modified Heat Sink - SOLD

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