WTS Erebus T2 cap tri + Wyvern + nyx

(Thorian Amadarr) #1

erebus T2 cap tri rigged +400k fuel
fcon keepstar
mail me ingame

wyvern T2 shield rigs + 50k fuel
tri keepstar
mail me ingame

Nyx T2 tri rigs + fuel
fcon keepstar
mail me ingame

(Thorian Amadarr) #2

comes with Erebus


(Thorian Amadarr) #3

:papua_new_guinea: bump

(Thorian Amadarr) #4

bump :dominican_republic:

(Thorian Amadarr) #5


(Thorian Amadarr) #6



(Cave Orr) #7

18b for the nyx

(Online Girlfriend) #8

15.5b for the wyvern through chribba if you get it to lowsec

(system) #9

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