WTS nyxes avatars erebus in Basgerin keepstar

(gold farmer 001) #1

all ship hulls
nyx 17b
avatar 64
erebus 65
Hel 16b

mail me in game only for offers.

(gold farmer 001) #2


(Omni Johnson) #3

I emailed you in game. Still have not heard back.

(Colonel Sniff) #4

I’ll take the Avatar, contract it to me

(gold farmer 001) #5

bump! all contracts filled still have some to sell

(gold farmer 001) #6

more ships ready for sell.

(gold farmer 001) #7

sold another tar.

added some hels to sell now

(gold farmer 001) #8


(gold farmer 001) #9

more nyxes to sell now

(gold farmer 001) #10

3 more sold.


(gold farmer 001) #11

weekend bump, please stop sending me unsolicited offer