WTS Estamel's Set (SOLD)

As title says, selling an Estamel’s set.


how much for just the adaptive invulns?

160, but he’ll throw the other items in for free



Too cheap.

Daily nudge to the top.

Get your Komodo bling.

Hi, how much for the set without the adaptive one? Thanks.


lol, do you know tat these mods are currently selling in jita for less than 12B?

11bil then

Will consider offers for everything.

Ill give you 80b total for both adaptives.

100% no

how much for the invuls mail me in game with your price and where they are located.

Today’s bump to the top.

Up for today thanks.

Totally fu you for this kind of loot. Free bump… saved it for later when komodo is ready

who is going to pay 160bil for the picture? Pretty usless i would take the items in 2005 for 10bil

I’m selling time machines for 150 bil…