WTS Estamel's Modified Adaptive Invulnerability Field

Still for sale.

I mean 60 is about max I’d go. Tbh that’s pushing it

Still for sale, no serious buyers so far.

I didn’t message back to let you know I can’t pay 60 for it, my bad, I’d do 55 right now tho.

Cool story bro last few sold for 70 bil

No they didn’t, keep ur incorrect statements to yourself, the last 2 that sold were sold for ~60 bill

Edit: had to find the thread so I don’t look as bad as you :wink: WTS Estamel’s Set (SOLD)

Sure If you wanna give me 70b I wont turn you down.

Tuck tail and run.

Considering they were mine to start with I know better than you

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Why not buy this for 60 and sell it for 70 then?

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Did i mention i wanted to buy one ? i was simply advising that he could get more if he’s willing to wait. So why don’t you post a picture of your eve account balance again so that you can compensate for what your lacking else where ?

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MFW whiteknighting for someone with the smallest glimmer they might give you isk




Still available, come be my whiteknight sugardaddy.

Haha. Makes me laugh. Shoot. I’ll give you 40 bil since I don’t want to get in a bidding war with alliance bros. You guys should be going the other direction. CJ, remember, AT ships. :slight_smile:

Still up for sale.

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Still available?

You are completely correct about the last 2 selling for them prices… You can sell them for 80 bil if you got the patience to wait for the right buyer… Alot of these bidders are idiots who are always trying to con you so its nothing new… OP should wait

Yep, still available.

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