WTS Chameleon - reduced to 360b

1x Chameleon for sale

The Price is 400b

It is in derelik lowsec, and it will not be moved.


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Still for sale.

Still for sale.

Still for sale. Will consider offers

AT ships are so over priced now. Pointless tbh. I bought one of these for 100bil and would only offer 125bil now.

Still waiting on that bubble to pop.

If you bought one for 125b now, you would be guaranteed to flip for an exceptionally large profit. Therefore there is still margin if you pay much higher prices than 125b.

So I do not think what you said sounds right mate.

Is that even possible? The people that actually own the vast majority of them dont even need to sell them right?

Only CCP can pop this bubble.

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200B valid 1wk

How? Release more?.. like the same people that own them now will be the ones they get are re-release

201 bil valid for eternity.

I find it ironic you complain about inflation but you sell all of yours for 500 :joy::joy::joy:

Who’s complaining about inflation?


I’ve had offers for 300b so far in game. I’m happy to sit on it. Not really in any rush to sell.

Bump, Still for sale

Still for sale.

315 ill take it.

Still for sale.

Daily bump.

350b offer received ingame

355b offer received ingame.

Still for sale.