WTS Chameleon

400B. It’s called inflation. isk aint worth what it was.

located in highsec

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Neither is the Chameleon lol


You personally are right. of course. Tell you what. what can you personally afford Zale? maybe I will consider making your dreams come true. Who knows.

I’ll offer you 280

I offer caedes and 70b

I think we both know you won’t :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the offer but as far as trades. I would 1-1 for a fiend.
a Revenant + 100b

people seem to think a covert cloaking super gila that can bridge some how isn’t special \o/

Which would win, a 300b cruiser or a few smartbombs

There is no situation on TQ that would make flying any tournament ship the economical choice. A moot point.

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I’m more pointing out that a drone ship is inherently worse even if it can cloak and ecm when compared to say a Laelaps or Fiend.

A few smart bombs or 20 billion isk worth of ships on a gate camp… either way your precious goes poof.

I’m talking about it failing to apply dps with drones rather than the ship.

Better to spend the extra couple hundred bil for a marginal increase in survivability.

Mail me if you are willing to drop price, isk ready

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