yea good luck. Its rarer than a fiend , has a 155k ehp tank 1000dps+ and can warp cloaked. and now the fiend has had its ab hack fixed its probably the most powerful at cruiser. The ecm bonus was surplus any way. you can have mine if you add 220 bill to that offer.

Sell quick before the chameleon becomes useless because of the ECM nerf!!!

ECM getting nerfed soon!

better yet I will buy another one for the same isk value your offering. so whats that `110+30" yea i will give 140bill for another one

The morons are out in full force.

Willing to help you get rid of those useless chameleons!

Great deal!

Buying Chameleons!

Still buying

Buying more!

Sell me your chameleons!

Looking for more!!

Prices lowered!

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