Chameleon AT ship.

Covert ops cloaking, Bridging, Cyno Gila with BS tank and DPS. Excellent WH raiders bait ship.

Zkill statistics show:
7 Chameleons lost of original 50
5 Fiends lost of original 50
9 Etnas
5 Adrestia
7 Morachas
3 Vangals

There are 150 Laelaps out there rather than 50 and they go for 180-200b.

Making the Chameleon one of the rarest 50 run AT ships in-game. And like all the older AT ships. How many are left in active accounts?

As such. The price is 400B OVNO. No rush to sell. Don’t care about market history. No need to post if you can’t afford or don’t like the price. Mail in-game for purchase.

360 billions

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401B OVNO now. inflation is out of controllllll :smiley:

250b offer (:

I know you closed the other thread but it’s not only about how many died in comparison to the other.

Best of luck with sale.

why pay 400b on a T2 gila if i could get an etana or rabisu for about half the price ?
Your reasoning doesnt justifie your asking price

price is the price. Thanks for Bump.

yummy bump

You don’t have a rabisu on your hands do you? That corpse bay is the icing on the cake. Autocorrect had me write rabbi the first time around…

Would accept trade for a tiamat + 100b or a Fiend


be cool like a lizard

I paid 250b for it last year

Thats nice. Sell yours on for that then

Imagine being so naive to ship value to think its worth a Tiamat + 100b.

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