WTS Chameleon

(Zaebos) #1

WTS Chameleon in HS. 200 bil includes 6bil fit

(xTIGGERx) #2


(Celise Katelo) #3

Chameleon was going for 140Billion when they was new. So 200Billion for a High sec one isn’t a bad price.

(Zaebos) #4

And there is less of them now.

(Celise Katelo) #5

If i had 200billion floating about i would snap it up. Best Tournment ship in the game i think. But then i love the Gila.

(Carrie Mehome) #6

I love how this guy is making his own advertisement ^^

(Zaebos) #7

Still available

(Zaebos) #8

Still Available

(Kurvorao) #9

Will trade for ccadies

(Zaebos) #10

I assume you mean Caedes. Also no, It’s garbage AT ship.

(Justatktchick) #11

Caedes is garbage lol.

(system) #12

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