WTS Etana

Etana - SOLD
Laelaps - SOLD
Raiju - SOLD

do you take trade?

I got a virtuoso, I will pay the price diff.

Sorry I only accept isk
Thanks for your offer

daily bump

price is discussable

i offer 200b for laelaps, money ready to go

thx for your offer
it’s too low

price is discussable

willing to accept 200b?

for raiju for sure :wink:

130 raiju
225 laelap

you are not even close for raiju
for laelaps put a bit more and we’ll have a deal

150b for lojlaps

thx for your meme bump I really appreciate it

no problem, good luck with your meme sale

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looking for deal
price is discussable

200 for laelaps

Even at this topic I have better deal

LF deal

daily bump