WTS Exhumer / Cita Production

(Tharlimas) #1

HI, selling me. Exhumer Pilot + Cita Production available.

EVE Board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tharlimas
PW: 1234

Start @ 3B

(Cosmos Troy) #2

I’ll start you out at 3bil if positive wallet

(Vyechney Nokov) #3


(Tharlimas) #4

If there are no higher bids until tomorrow you will get me

(Zonyas) #5

3,6b isk

(Tharlimas) #7

Last Bump, final at 21 eve time.

(Cosmos Troy) #8


(Tharlimas) #9

Cosmos Troy, please provide ISK and an EVE Mail with the Account details for the transfer

(Ria Aquirez) #10

In Case he does not want her anymore I’d offer 3.6B and a long-time Home :slight_smile:

(Cosmos Troy) #11

Many apologies my internet went down last night. Will forward you the details. Thank you.

(Cosmos Troy) #12

Account info and money sent.

(Tharlimas) #13

Money received, Transfer startet. Thanks a lot!

(system) #14

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