WTS Exhumer / Cita Production

HI, selling me. Exhumer Pilot + Cita Production available.

EVE Board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tharlimas
PW: 1234

Start @ 3B

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I’ll start you out at 3bil if positive wallet


If there are no higher bids until tomorrow you will get me

3,6b isk

Last Bump, final at 21 eve time.


Cosmos Troy, please provide ISK and an EVE Mail with the Account details for the transfer

In Case he does not want her anymore I’d offer 3.6B and a long-time Home :slight_smile:

Many apologies my internet went down last night. Will forward you the details. Thank you.

Account info and money sent.

Money received, Transfer startet. Thanks a lot!

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