WTS Exhumer V Pilot

Highlights include Exhumer V, Gallente Transport V (Deep Space Transport/Blockade Runner).
Good Engineering/Navigation skills. No Resource Processing skills trained (Mining Crystals).
Sitting in full improved (+5) learning clone. 2 remaps available.

Positive wallet, no killrights, no installed jump clones, Jita 4-4.

[Sam Alixons Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App]

Whats your price?

Please accept my invitation to make an offer.

I am looking to purchase now, i will offer you 9 bil,

Thank you for your offer.

Can you tell me what you are looking for

I’m looking to sell to a player that wants these particular skills, and is willing to pay a slight premium above melt value to save themselves the trouble of buying a 5 million sp starter (or training one) and injecting themselves.

9 . 5b

Seeing as the offers here are parallel to another Exhumer Pilot that just sold with 5 million sp fewer than this character, I am delisting to melt, thank you for your inquiries.

Sale closed at Request of OP.