WTS Faction Capital Mods in Jita 4-4 and Vendetta BPC - SOLD

I got the following up for sale in Jita 4-4:

2x Dark Blood Capital Cap Battery: 1.65B each
1x Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster: 4.5B each
2x Dark Blood Quad Mega Pulse Laser: 720m each
1x Dark Blood Capital Energy Neutralizer: 745m each
2x Dark Blood Capital Energy Nosferatu: 860m each
6x Concord Dual Giga Beam Laser: 625m each
1x Concord Capital Shield Extender: 415m each

1x Vendetta BPC

Pm or reply here.

1x Concord Capital Shield Extender: 415m each
1x Concord 25000 Steel Plate: 535m each

Contract issued

Up top we go!

X4 dark blood quads please

Contract issued

Accepted. Ty

Stock Updated!

Up to the top!

Up up we gooo!

One Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster and
one Dark Blood Capital Flex Armor Hardener
for me please.

Will issue the contract in a few minutes

Contract up

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Still got mods for sale!

To the top! Pimp your ride!

Top spot for top shelf mods!

Get your capital the mods it wants!

Updated stock!

Sent a mail

price on vendetta BPC ?