WTS FAX Apostle, including modules and rigs; fighters, drones, and assorted BPOs included

Currently up on contract in the Syndicate region for 2.379 billion ISK.

Fit modules are:

  • Cap Recharger II (x4)
  • Cap Power Relay II (x3)
  • Capital Armor Repairer I (x2)
  • Capital Remote Armor Repairer i (x3)
  • Capital Remote Transmitter I
  • EANM II (x2)
  • Triage Module i
    Rigs: Capital CCC I (x3)
    Helium Isotopes 6,694
    Einherji I (x30)
    Firbolg i (x30)
    Templar I (x24)
    Assorted Tech II Light and Medium Gallente and Minmatar combat drones

That fit is an abomination.

It was originally an Archon

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