WTS Fiend

WTS Fiend, located in convenient lowsec, offers around 500 considered.

EvE Mail or post in thread.


Weekend… all the kids are home to troll lmao.

Are you suggesting this is not a legitimate sale? (It very much is) Or are you commenting on the non sincere offer above?

the offer obviously. he is trolling :rofl:

Yes, I think that is a fairly safe assumption.

To the top, still open to offers.

Fiend needs a friend.

Buy my fiend.

Fiend Status: Friendless

To the top.

Still available, open to reasonable offers in game or in this thread.

To the top.

Daily bump.

Still available.

Would you be interested in a trade?

Msg me on discord Cable#0950 if you are

To the top.

This is still available, score yourself a spiky boi today.

Fiend is still available, send me a message in game or drop an offer here.

Available: One spiked spaceship.

Still available.