WTS Fitted Moros Navy Issue, Abyss Mods

Nyx - Sold

Moros Navy Issue located in Kamela: 13Bil

Fully Fit:

Abyssal Heavy Warp Scram Fitted is a rolled Faction gives 21km and 16 scram str with dread V.

Abyss Mods and Skins Located in Jita:

Entro Sink 1 15bil

Entro Sink 2 4Bil

Stasis Web 50Bil

Almost Tobi Web Range

Mag Stab 5Bil

Still better then meta 11 Officer

Heavy Warp Dis 12Bil

Little bricked but still good range

All prices are negotiable within reason, not interested in trades just isk.

Nyx Sold, Mods and Moros Navy still for sale.

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