WTS >> Hyper Nyx in Ignoitton

Title. Can be fit or unfit, see pricing below and is docked in an NPC station.

Hull + Rigs = 30bn (at time of posting, this is inline with cheapest contracts)
Fit: Evepraisal - Appraisal 126cva: 8.1 Billion Buy / 9.89 Billion Sell (note that the abyssal neuts are x-types, the web is DG and the point is RF. None of them are amazing rolls, but all of them are net improvements on the base module for the application (so range/amount etc buffed, irrelevant stats on a super like fitting are usually nerfed).

Looking for 40 all up for both hull and fit. Will only part out the fit if you’re taking the larger modules (fighters, cap modules, etc).


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