WTS hyper nyx 21.5b basgerin

nihao nihao I have a “snuffed into a station” hyper nyx I’m selling for 24b on contract but obviously won’t sell goodly. I want to put the price down to 21.5 but not incur the wasted contract fees. If someone buys it I will send the 2.5b back after. This is a guarantee. I don’t have internet good enough to log in the the next couple days but if it’s sold before I get on, or you shoot me a message ingame/mail etc I will refund the bux to the character that is on the completed contract.

Can’t remember if it had fuel in it. Can’t login to check.

If you’re triple paranoid I also have a hypernyx in iggies that will be snuffed into a station soon also. I can set up a 22b contract directly later on.

Hit me up, 26/M/NZ

bump. this is a real man talking to you. wanting a real relationship involving 2.5b handback for a reduced contract price. Look into my eyes. I want your 21.5b I do not want your 24b. Give me your trust, and I will return it in the form of 2.5b. The difference in the two sums. A gavin you can trust is a gavin indeed.

Yours sincerely, the High Director of the Gavinomium

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