WTS Caps and various Assets in Amarr Lowsec

Looking for reasonable offers (located Misaba/Domain):

Currently Available:

1 Rorqual
1 Charon
1 Nidhoggur
1 Victorieux Luxury Yacht
1 Nyx Yoiul Star Skin
1 High grade Amulet Omega
1 High Grade Amulet Epsilon
1 Pithum A-type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
19 Million Units of Pyerite
1 Nyx BPO
and a bunch more.

If you are interested in aquiring other assets that are not listed (ships, datacores, ore, modules, implants, bpo), message me via evemail and i’ll tell you what i got. Bulk discount ofc.

No giga lowballs please, 75-80% of going marketrate is what i am aiming for.

How much for the Niddy?

Nyx BPO stats/price, Nyx skin price?

the niddy is fully fit. since hulls only go for 4bil id go for 4 as well for the fully fit one

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