WTS Supercarriers

Irmalin npc station

- Nyx (hull) x 4 3

  • Nyx (armor trimarks) x 3
  • Nyx (two t2 armor rigs and 1 capital drone durability) x 1
    - Nyx (hyper rigs) x 1

Mail me ingame for contracts! Take yours before the price rise.

still available

for sale!

still available

for sale

up we go

contract a nyx for me pls. 30b

no thanks, looking for little more.

1 hull sold! mail me and we’ll make a deal

3 hulls are sold. Only the rigged ones are left. Mail me and we’ll have a deal

still available

another one sold! only armor trimarked ones are left.

Contact me in-game, i am interrested in the Nyx, can’t seem to mail you though

still available


still available

going uppp

get yours

still available! prices negotiable!

going up!