WTS fitted Nyx 35% off

Docked in Villasen and is currently in asset safety wrap. If interested, I’ll unwrap it and evepraisal it then apply the 35% discount. Not sure if I can actually see the contents of a ship in safety wrap but iirc, expect it to be some standard triple trimark armor pump II rigged Nyx.

Can fit/unfit stuff as desired.

Could you mail me the fit

I mailed you in-game but just like I mentioned, I don’t think I can actually look at the fit while it is in asset safety.

Hi, I will take it, please contract to me

I will take it for 25% less than evepraisal

I am definitely interested in it

I’ll take the hull and rigs for 20% off eve praisal or whatever you are using for value

Contacting you in-game since you seem to be the best offer so far (entire fit, not just hull).

Would also be interested in the hull + fit at the price point described if you’re willing to send me a mail as well.

Sold, ignore thread

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