WTS Fitted nyx + extra mods 28 bil SOLD

Its fit currently for travel but has all the mods and fighters for fighting as well Evepraisal - Appraisal zi49t: 26.78 Billion Buy / 28.09 Billion Sell

is in assah willing to sell for 28 bil or best reasonable offer.

I am not totally active so might not immediately reply to evemail but if you send it by evemail I can review it when I get to it.

mail sent !

28b offer, contract if it works

thanks for interests (selling a nyx is easier then I thought) current thing is at 29 bil I will within 24 hours go forward with it unless someone want it at 30 bil.

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Check mail

check mail

two people messaged me and I am at the impasse of what to do, because I dont want anyone not to miss out on something.

Zorin Firestone messaged me first so atm will get tie at 30 but ill keep bidding going. I am not sure what the actual value of the hull is if evepraiseal right with prices are everywhere (unlike the extras) so I will have players gauge it.

For transparency (and to minimize back and forth evemails) post the bidding amount in this topic and each increasing amount must be a whole billion, and if no more then it goes to last bidder.

33b offer

withdrawing my bids, seller got too greedy.

ship sold BC I am greedy but not too greedy

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