WTS Fitted Wyvern

Looking to sell a recently acquired Wyvern,

Its currently located in Heimatar lowsec. I can move it to the nearest Freeport Keepstar, the Basgerin Keepstar.

Ship fittings + Mods - https://evepraisal.com/a/hf0e1


Travel Fit - 14.25Bil ( Comes with Rigs.)
Fully Fit - 25Bil

Contact Via post here or Mail.

Up we go


Up again

Still for sale.

23b fit offer

Up again

Still for sale Price Changed.

Still for sale maybe some XIX person wants to replace there lost ratting super?

Still for sale.

24b fit offer

25bil and its yours.

Still for sale!

Still for sale Price reduced again

Back up to le top

I’ll purchase it. 25 bil.

Only requirement is freeport keepstar’d.

Will also mail you.

I’ll offer 11B for the travel fit, ISK at hand, deal can be completed within 24 hours.

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