WTS Flycatcher BPO

Located in Perimeter.
ME:10 TE:20

Open to offers

125b Offer to get you started :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appreciate the offer


Hey thanks for the offer Dart, looking for more though.

Sunday Bump


Thanks Dart. My price floor has been met. The BPO is currently cutting copies and is out in 3 days. At that point highest bid gets it.

final bump. last chance before Dart walks away with it

160b :slight_smile:

Good Luck :wink:

soon the 160b offer will be magically retracted or wont be replying. greed is a fine thing

i mean, everyone is a different person here. If for some reason Everybody decides to back out it goes to Dart at Dart’s price. Thanks for your contribution though and good luck on selling your overpriced Nyx

I am not likely to back out, my offer is good :slight_smile:

Done business with all 3 T2 BPO collectors in this thread so I doubt the offer is invalid. UNLESS a cheaper print comes lol

Lol, thanks Dai. Print has sold to the mysterious shadow broker Everybody Get Down. Thanks for the interest everybody

125 b offer

Also no thanks

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