WTS: Focused 100mil SP Super/Carrier/Dread Pilot

(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #1

I need to get out of HiSec and put these skills to use.
Wilhelm Verbrennen - Password 13579

Amarr/Gallente/Minmatar Carrier 5 and Dread 5
ALL Combat Drone/Fighter Skills 5
T2 Capital Pulse/Beam Lasers and T2 Capital Blasters/Rails
T2 Siege Module and T2 Capital NOS/NEUT
Perfect for Amarr/Gallente/Blood/Serpentis Carriers/Supers/Dreadnaughts
Capital Ships 5 - Titan Ready, just inject the Titan skills you need
Yearly Remap available, 2 Bonus Remaps available, 170,000 Unused SP
Clean Corp History, Faction Neutral
Positive Sec Status and Wallet, No Kill Rights, Located in Hisec Station, No Jump Clones

Bidding starts at 80 Billion with 100 Billion Buyout
Auction ends Dec 30 at 0400 Eve Time, or when a buyout is accepted

*character bought* focused gallente carrier / nyx pilot
(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #2

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(Maizie Fields) #3

Would you consider 75 billion?

(Nika Kim) #4

Offer Retracted.

(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #5

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(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #6

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(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #7

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(infogrid) #8


(Maizie Fields) #9

78 bil

(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #10

Bumpity Bump Bump, Look at Frosty go

(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #12

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(Wilhelm Verbrennen) #13

Bumpin’ in a winter wonderland

(Sell it) #14

Will contact you in the 24h, We´ve talked in Jita Local today. Will think about a price between SP Extraction and the B/O you are looking for. Think we will find together.

Will contact you ingame or so. Have a nice day !

(Sell it) #15

Sorry need to collect some ISK :wink: Will contact you soon

(system) #16

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