[WTS] Focused Dreadtoon (Naglfar)

Hello fellow Pilots,

i am potentially for sale and i want to know how much i am worth!

Positive Wallet
0.0 Sec. Status.
25.301.741 Skillpoints
518.500 Allocated Skillpoints
Total SP: 25.820.241
Almost Clear Killboard. no signs of my purpose
2 Remaps available
No Kill Rights

Check my Skills here: EveSkillboard - Khor Thalos

Khor Thalos

Ballpark extraction value 14bil considering ~275mil per extractor and ~610mil per injector x 41
Doesnt have T2 Siege, T2 Guns, Surgical Strike V + some other supports, so needs about 9 injectors to be decent for WH

17bil offer

@Trayd_Hub nope thanks

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump!

how about 20B?

sub is continued for 2 months. surg 5 and t2 siege will be skilled by then. will make new thread when finished.
so for now thread closed!

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