WTS Focused Moros Pilot

(Elora Dia) #1

28m SP - 10000 unallocated
Dread 5
Guns 5
Repair 5
T2 Siege

Positive Isk Balance
High Sec


Start Bid 23b

WTB Dread Pilot - No longer looking Plz close thread!
(Nite Roxx) #2

15B isk rdy

(Arris Uisen) #3

18B isk rdy

(Gattanera) #4


(Nite Roxx) #5


(Arris Uisen) #6


(TxivYawg1) #7

there goes the shell/fake bidding… trying to pump and dump… how many times have you reposted this char for sale already?

(Elora Dia) #8

Current Bid is 23b. I sell within 24 hours.

(SeFoN) #10

25 Bill

(Arris Uisen) #11


(Elora Dia) #12

Selling for 28b if no other bids in next 12 hours or so

Wtb dread pilot
(Elora Dia) #13

Selling to Arris Uisen for 28b.

(Arris Uisen) #14

ISK Transferred and Account name sent

(Elora Dia) #15

Payment acknowledged. Transfer initiated. Thanks man

(system) #16

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