WTS Focused Naglfar Pilot | 34.48M SP | T2 Siege | T2 Guns

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ripley_Anzomi pw 1234567890
Skill Points 34,489,651 (include unallocated SP 2,640,550)

Pilot is a focused Naglfar Pilot that comes with:

  • Minmatar Dread V
  • T2 siege
  • T2 capital autocannons/artillery
  • All gunnery supports V
  • JDC Ⅳ (Unallocated SP 2,640,550)
  • 2 remaps

No killmarks, npc corp, positive sec status, all ccp rules apply.

Starting bid 30B
Buyout 38B

If you don’t get a more suitable offer, I will give you 25b, Isk ready.

35 bill ready, if you agree

35.5B is ready

36,5 bill

37B is ready

nice alt

38 B/0

I accept your B/O of 38b ISK.
Send the isk and account name and I’ll initiate the transfer

isk send and account name in eve mail box

I have received your mail in game,

isk send 38 bil, account name evekopai14

please confirm

Isk/Details received, transfer initiated.

transfer completed.

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