WTS Focused Naglfar Toon - 45m SP

NPC Corp
Positive wallet
4.5 security status
Located in Jita 4-4
No killrights
Full geno Set with 3x …5 Hardwirings
Jita improved set for skilling
250k unlockated sp
2 bonus + yearly remap


gimme offers

25b bid

extracting would give me somewhere around 35 bill… not counted the 2 clones and skillbooks…
so thx for the bump

34 bil

36 bil offer.


38.5 bil.

right direction. keep em coming. i know i will get more

40b b/o

add 5 more and its yours

and up

to the top

buy yourself this toon

daily bump


would you take 42.5?

I would. Send isk and account details. Will start transfer when back home from work

Account details and isk sent

Transfer started

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