WTS Focused Naglfar Toon


  • Zero balance or positive by the time of delivery (positive right now)
  • No kill rights
  • Location in high security station
  • No jump clones

10B Offer


22.2 bil offer. isk ready to send

The extract value is higher than that. Sorry.

How long is this running for?

Or is this until you get an offer worth taking?

basically until i get an offer i like

30b reasonable ?

31 B offer

Not really looking to go below 38b (slightly less than 70% of inject price, not incl. skill books), sorry. It is a hyper-focused character, so I think I can sit on it for a bit and get someone who would otherwise just pay the 60-ish to inject one similar.

I can do 36 on the dot ea. if you take both ISK Printer 01 and ISK Printer 02 (he has a thread somewhere and has almost identical skills).

It being focused is why you’re getting low 30’s as offers. If you get 1b per 1m sp you’ve done well. Unsurprisingly, injection cost is irrelevant to character valuation.

Even 36b is a pipedream.

yeah pep probs right tbh, ill do 32 if it works for you

24b offer

if i wanted extract value id just extract and not spend an additional 20 bucks…cant even consider entertaining this, sorry

willing to do 30 if offer still there @Tax_Collector_Sarah @Ninja_Baby

ever so slightly lower than what I’ve seen some similar toons go for, but i want isk lol

Retracted may have just bought a new toon.

i’ll do 27 if still avail.

still selling?

Yes. Still for sale. Looking for ≈30b

30b offer