WTS Focused Nyx Pilot

(You've Been Nyx'd) #1

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/You’ve_Been_Nyx’d

Carrier 5
Armor comps 5
Light/Support/Heavy fighters 4
Armor/Skirmish Links
Shield comps 5
Good Targeting skills

Start bid: 25b

(FrostyJack) #2


(Gattanera) #3


(Dima Babak) #4

28 bil

(You've Been Nyx'd) #5

Dima Babak

send ISK and account and i’ll start the transfer ASAP

(Dima Babak) #6

isk and account send

(You've Been Nyx'd) #7

transfer started

(system) #8

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