WTS Focused Ragnarok Pilot 68.5m SP

pass : qwqw

Sec Status -4.7
Character will be in low sec station
Possitive Wallet.


Starting Bid, 60b

Good Luck!

Confirm this char on sale.
AcHuRa MaSTeR receive isks.

Please follow the rules:

The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK.

once you have accepted an offer and received the ISK and Account Info, you can then transfer any excess isks to your other character and then initiate the Character Transfer.

It doesn’t matter, as you said I can transfer isk.
Delapsus Angelus receive isks.


70b isk

It may not matter to you, as you said the result is the same to you, however there is a reason that CCP has stated these rules and that is to make sure that the ISK and Character get to the rightful accounts (with the least amount of work to check through if needed).



73 Bill

Comonn guys you almost reach buyout, I don’t want some stripter bought this char. Char has very nice implants and very focused. Don’t miss it.

74b isk


76b isk

Ok guys, this is it, I’m gonna sell it in 6 hours. 21:00 eve time highest bid win.
Thanks and good luck.

And here it is total of implant prices 6.5b


Last 10 mins?
80b limit is not reached at the end this char not gonna sold. if 80b reached highest bid wins.

80b limit is not reached, this char is no longor for sale.

80 bil

my real life friend want to buy it,
it is already sold.