WTS 66.9 m sp subcap/cap character


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Selling myself. my current SP is 66 979 614 sp
Link https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lexx_Olacar#2a

Positiv isk wallet
No kill rights
located in Perimeter - kipstar Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Towe
Character is in NPC corp
I will pay for transfer

Start 50 B

47b offer

@Lexx_Olacar Whats your buy out mate?

50 B Ready

Sold to you. Isk transfer to character Exodus Lima.

So, the buyer does not make itself felt. The topic is raised again. The price is the same - 50 B. Bargaining is possible.

Up…The character is still for sale.

sorry, bought another char

Hello again everyone, the character is still for sale. The price is the same, a discount is possible for good people

Topic up

40b sorry thats all i have, great toon would love to have him.

48 b isk

OK. Sasha Shi. Sold to you. Isk transfer to character Exodus Lima or Lexx Olacar. And indicate the name of the character to which to transfer

I bring up the topic. The character is still for sale, the price is the same

47 bil

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/YURA_PAN Okay. Write the name and transfer isk

Charcater is still for sale?

Yes, the character is still on sale.

Sorry for the late I will send isk within 24 hours