WTS Fully fit Rorqual in Skarkon - Pochven space

Not in a rush to sell, old fit linked below. Docked in Skarkon station in Pochven.

Please place offers in thread only, thank you!

[Rorqual, *Simulated Rorqual Fitting]
Damage Control II

500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Capital Capacitor Booster II
CONCORD Capital Shield Booster
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Pithum A-Type Thermal Shield Amplifier
Shield Boost Amplifier II
Shield Boost Amplifier II

Capital Remote Shield Booster I
[Empty High slot]
Capital Industrial Core II
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Large ‘Vehemence’ Shockwave Charge
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II

Capital Drone Mining Augmentor II
Capital Drone Mining Augmentor II
Capital Drone Mining Augmentor I

Hornet II x107
Vespa II x2
‘Excavator’ Mining Drone x5
Valkyrie II x10
Hammerhead II x10
Federation Navy Hammerhead x4
Caldari Navy Vespa x5
Ogre II x10
Warrior II x20
Mining Drone II x3
Praetor II x20
Federation Navy Garde x14
Republic Fleet Bouncer x5
Hobgoblin II x101
Imperial Navy Infiltrator x9
Hornet EC-300 x15
Imperial Navy Curator x5
Acolyte II x20
Imperial Navy Praetor x8

Navy Cap Booster 3200 x183
Liquid Ozone x1461
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB9 Dose IV x1
Strong Blue Pill Booster x1
Drone Navigation Computer II x1
Pithum A-Type Kinetic Shield Amplifier x1
Heavy Energy Neutralizer II x3
Improved Cloaking Device II x1
Capital Capacitor Booster I x1
Reinforced Bulkheads II x3
Warp Core Stabilizer II x1
Pithum A-Type Explosive Shield Amplifier x1
Survey Scanner II x1
Pithum A-Type EM Shield Amplifier x1
‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot x2

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