WTS fully fitted (PVP) Vendetta

(Lilith Abaddon) #1

WTS fully fitted vendetta. Here is the fitting https://evepraisal.com/a/iog53
Delivery can be arranged to Aunenen public keepstar.


(Lilith Abaddon) #2

up we go

(Lilith Abaddon) #3

Still taking offers

(Jenna Corinth) #4

While the Keepstar is still around anyway. Goons are blowing them away one system at a time.

(Lilith Abaddon) #5

yeah I heard that. Are they doing the same for aunenen one too?

(Jenna Corinth) #6

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time

(Lilith Abaddon) #7

Well Goon was punched hard last night. It might delay them a bit.

(Lilith Abaddon) #8

up up up

(Lilith Abaddon) #9

daily bump :sunglasses:

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(Lilith Abaddon) #12

up we go

(Lilith Abaddon) #13

Still for sale

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