WTS Fully Fitted Rorq

4.5 bil
located in Arzieh

I will respond to ingame evemails to “Procyon Alcyone” faster than a forum reply


price is now 4.4 bil


price is still 4.4 bil

4.3 bil

4.2 bil

I can do 3.6b if you move to ignoitton. Contract to me and I’ll accept it

I appreciate the offer, I will keep the sale open while I move it there
Is there any particular reason why you want it in ignoitton?

private message me where it is, id pay 3.6 and you may not have to move it.

it is located in Arzieh - Khanid


3.75 if youll deliver it to palmon.

I will move it to palmon, unless you are willing to buy for a higher price than 3.75 @Ronimil ?

I’ll pass. GL

If you move it to Basgerin Public Keepstar, i’ll pay you 3.9b

if he wants it, go for it.

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