WTS - Gallente Cap Piliot (35.7M SP) NYX,THANY,MOROS SITTER

**Gallente Capital Pilot For Sale 40bill Buy Out
35,768,267 SP

  • 0isk Wallet balance

  • 0 Kill rights

  • Jump Clone located in Saminer

  • Currently docked in Jita

  • 0.0 security status on all main factions

  • Remap Available

    Can fly Nyx, Thanatos, Moros & Nirazu. Can also fly a Charon and is only 20 days from flying the Rhea JF. Can also fly Sin with purchase of Black-op’s skill book. Can fly Orca also



you should probably rename this to a nyx, or thanny SITTER. lvl 1 carrier? not even fighter V or any heavy fighters injected?

Good idea, Done

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28b bo, 4b extra for transfer cost


Thanks for the offer, any advance on 35B